MIRRARI is online 😉
we are seeking for passionate digital nomads to join our team!

In the last decades, knowledge about robotics has made great contributions to replacing the heavy human workload in the manufacturing industries. We believe that robots can also be of help to improve service quality in hospitals, elderly care and many other sectors in the coming years. That’s why our logo is designed to symbolize a link between humans and robotics. Mirrari mainly focuses on developing systematic solutions using cutting edge robotic technology, aiming to offer more possibilities together with caretakers, to improve efficacy and efficiency.

A startup, founded by two TU Delft graduates, Nounou and Davy (siblings),
sharing a great interest in robotics.

Davy Bao (CEO, Tech / Fiance background)

A businessman at heart with a soft spot for technology. While my main field of expertise lies in finance, I have a healthy fascination with all manners of machinery. I believe that there are many unexplored and unrefined applications for technology in this day and age, which I am keen to materialize with Mirrari.

Nounou (Chief products design,
Industry Design background)

Design Thinking, known as a human-centred approach to problem-solving, has been widely appraised and implemented in organisations worldwide. In employing design thinking, I am pulling together what’s desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable; this is how I intend to bring value to this company. 

We are looking for new members to join our team!

AI Specialist (internship)

After you have acquired Artificial Intelligence relevant skills and knowledge, you are keen to put them into practice. In addition, you are curious to explore how to turn an idea into a marketable product for the health care industry and want to see your designed program can help the elderly enjoy their life for longer.

Join us in improving the home care system!

Healthcare research assistant (internship)

You are a team player; you are born with a strong willingness to learn and not easily settle for shallow findings. Besides being empathetic, you have a unique view on human-machine interactions; you itch to improve products’ user experiences through scientific research. You are detail-oriented and have the drive to do professional work in user testing despite the hard work. 

Please join our core R&D team; we would love to have you!

Interested to join us? Let's stay in touch!