Mirrari AI

Next Generation Mental Care

Mirrari is building an AI-powered digital platform that connects mental-care service providers with their users, namely the elderly and disabled people in the first place, who need the help most in our society. 

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Our Solution

From Motion to Emotion

Real time data abstracted from wearables helps Mirrari AI algorithm to make accurate mood prediction of the user.

Staff Shortage

 Implementing AI as an alternative

to the working force

– 24/7 accessibility.

Costly Welfare

Accurate treatment, shortening duration of handling   

– Cost-saving


Two TU Delft graduates are the Co-founders of the startup. Here are the messages from them:

Davy | CEO

A businessman at heart with a soft spot for technology. While my main field of expertise lies in finance, I have a healthy fascination with all manners of machinery. I believe that there are many new and unrefined applications for technology in this day and age, which I am keen to materialise with Mirrari.

Nounou | Creative Director

I am pulling together what's desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable. Design-thinking is the value I intend to add to our company. 

Ricardo | Technical Lead

I'm a master computer science student fascinated by the relation between humans and computers, and how computers can improve people's lives.

At Mirrari, I hope to be able to contribute to people's lives at a time where they need it

Join us!

Mirrari is a startup company based in Yes!Delft. We are at an early stage of making serious games for psychological treatment. We are looking for motivated people to move the business together. So if you are interested in how disruptive technologies change the world, if you are a game lover with a background in Computer Science, Software, ML, DL, AI, Psychological Studies, Game Design……. please don't hesitate to contact us. There is enough space for the talents in our office.

Contact Us

Mirrari is a startup company based in Yes!Delft. We explore the possibilities of adopting the serious gaming methodology for mental health treatment. We are at the early stage of product development. You can contact us through: info@mirrari.tech

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