Next Generation Mental Care

Mirrari is a startup based in Yes!Delft (incubator) was incorporated by two TU Delft graduates. Her mission is to help teenagers and adolescents to maintain their mental wellness. Mirrari designs beautiful products with cutting-edge technology and a high artistic value to fulfil the needs of the dedicated group.

The problem

According to research by the NJI and the CBS, one in five young people (a higher percentage than other age groups) suffers from a psychological problem due to the corona crisis. Depression and fears are ubiquitous. There are many institutes taking action to fight this issue that society faces. Mirrari trusts her approach has its uniqueness in existence.

Reflecting your mood

The roots of studying cognitive behaviour and emotional pattern can trace back to the project leader’s research work at TU Delft in 2017 (Link). The recent release of Philips Biosensing (by EDA) provides a trustable platform for training Mirrari AI to predict the users’ emotions and stress levels. The visualized data enables people to have better control of their mental status.

Interaction vision

Our ambition

As a matter of fact, Mirrari’s ambition does not stop at providing one more wearable. The next step is to experiment with an alternative to clinic treatment for people with light symptoms of sadness, with the goal of

prevention of further depression and anxiety.

A picture to demonstrate the Mirrari vision.

We are looking for you!

Mirrari VR game will be built on computer science, psychology, design and more! If you have experience or knowledge in the related fields, and would like to work together to create a solution for this good cause, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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